Skin in Flash X GANDAGANDA




Pose! Pose! Pose! Give me that stage light because you won’t see any saggy skin of mine, not anymore. The flash will only reveal tightness and razor-sharp jawlines that everyone gossips about.

In collaboration with the queen of beauty industry herself - GandaGanda, Wild Clinic is honored to introduce the treatment that revitalizes the tightness, glowing, plumped skin everyone long deserves. Starting with superhydrating and oxygenating the skin by SkinInfusion, then the agenda continues to ever-lifting and tightening your skin, subcutaneous layers by the renowned Exilis 360 Technology. This will dissipate any concerns on your tiring eyes, bulky cheeks, or loosening jawline, giving them lights they once shine. Now the skin quality parts, rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients, Wild Cactus Oil is imbued with Golden Hour Roller to enhance absorption through skin and at the same time to reconstruct facial vascularization. The muscle layer is to be revigorized by Trans-dermal Electric Muscle Stimulation, exercising those facial and neck muscles as these muscles too need to be fit and memorized. Last of all, with the power of electrons oozing from Wild Plasma will seal the deal when they tightens pores, shrinking eye bags, and cheek folds, leaving you wonder how or when you even have them.


Frequency 1 week

Lift ●●
Fat loss ●●
Nourish ●●●●
Rejuvenate ●●


5,200 THB/ 1 session
14,850 THB/ 3 sessions
23,500 THB/ 5 sessions
44,500 THB/ 10 sessions

Take home self-maintenance:

  • Ageless Potion : Anti-aging shot x2


* Exclusively at Sukhumvit 49