The Every Lifts

The Every Lifts can...

  • Shrink the epidermis and smoothens out fine wrinkle and pore appearance
  • Stimulate the dermis for collagen and elastin production
  • Decrease the size of the fat cells and thinning the layer
  • Target the SMAS layer underneath to visually lift facial structure

To achieve the desired results, we really go ALL IN. Utilizing 350 shots of HIFU combined with continuous monopolar radio frequency and continuous ultrasound wave from the USFD A-approved Exilis Ultra 360, your even more photogenic face will have arrived by the time we see you in a couple hours.

So now is the time to experience the super model look yourself (from every angle s) because all the lifting powers can be within your reach!


Age 20 - 30 yr : 1 - 2 sessions/year
Age 31 - 40 yr : 2 - 3 sessions/year
Age 40 + yr : 3 + sessions/year


Lift ●●
Fat loss ●●●●
Nourish ●●●


1 session
3 sessions
5 sessions
25,000 THB
66,000 THB
 99,000 THB