Not only glow but also LIFT!


The product of ancient knowledge and cutting-edge medical technology promises to give renewed, condensed, flawless, glass skin. By immensely boosting dermal collagen, the result can last from six months up to a year. More importantly, it’s PAINLESS.

  1. Wild’s 100% natural pink quartz gua sha, the long-celebrated ancient aesthetic tool, helps with detoxification and circulation.
  2. Wild Cactus Oil, rich in anti-oxidative nutrients, regenerates your skin.
  3. The new Exilis360, recently FDA- approved in leading countries such as the USA, EU, and Thailand, produces monopolar RF, which acts as a potent collagen-stimulating media to tighten, eradicate fine lines, minimize pores, and give your skin the everglow effect!
  4. Wild Cloud, the cold therapy, readies your skin and makes sure you are good to go.
USFDA recommends 3 weekly sessions for the result lasting up to a year.

Frequency 6 months - 1 year

Skin repair ●●
(⭐) ●●
Glow  ●●
Exfoliate/ detox 
Nourish ●●



Face 12,500 THB/ 1 session 34,500 THB/ 3 sessions
Double chin
9,500 THB/ 1 session
25,000 THB/ 3 sessions
Face + Double chin
19,000 THB/ 1 session
54,500 THB/ 3 sessions
Eyes 7,900 THB/ 1 session 19,000 THB/ 3 sessions

Take home self-maintenance:

  • Wild Skin’s Volumic Hydrating HA 5 ml
  • Wild Skin’s Galactomyces Filtrate 2 ml


8,900 THB/ 1 session
26,700 THB/ 3 sessions
50,000 THB/ 8 sessions
WeekdayBuffet (Mon-Fri 12.00-17.00)
Available for 1 year 1 session per week
1.5 hours per session 250,000 THB
EverydayBuffet (Mon-Sun 11.00-18.00)
Available for 1 year 1 session per week
1.5 hours per session 350,000 THB 


* Exclusively at Sukhumvit 49