Ever wonder why those .... suddenly got a green card on your skin? Well, it’s about time for you and them to part ways for good. Introducing Sparkling Skin by BLACK MAGIC LASER from the US to South Korea and now Wild Clinic. This treatment starts from letting the charcoal absorb impurities residing deep within your skin pores and BOOM them out by Black Magic Laser. The laser will not only get rid off those dead cells, it also sends efficient energy to destroy the long-haul melanin blackie in your skin to let it shine. Then, time for rejuvenation. The Hydrafacial will do the job by removing the leftover and at the same time reviving the surface with highly-concentrated antioxidant solution imported directly from California. With the baby skin coming up, then come the multivitamins and superfruits essence treatment by electrophoresis. Last by not least, Wild Skin’s concentrated Volumic Hyaluronic acid with Arctic Globes will do the ritual to revive the total look. And to finish it off, Wild Cloud, special technique only at Wild Clinic, will frozen the good time on your skin by cooling it with the temperature -195 degrees Celsius in just split-second. Now, after good bye to your blackie, let us welcome the new ready-to-everyday Sparkling Skin of yours!


Frequency 1 week

Glow ●●
Strengthen skin 
Nourish ●●●●
Brighten ●●



5,500 THB/ 1 session
19,900 THB/ 4 sessions
34,900 THB/ 8 sessions

Armpit (2,000 Shots)

3,900 THB/ 1 session
14,000 THB/ 4 sessions
25,000 THB/ 8 sessions

Back (5,000 Shots)

4,900 THB/ 1 session
18,000 THB/ 4 sessions
34,000 THB/ 8 sessions


* Exclusively at Silom 3