Jucier the Lips Plumper

Pink, plump lips have never been this easy!

It’s time for your lips to take a high fashion turn. Pink, plump lips have never been this easy (without dermal filler!). For those who want a full rejuvenation of the lips, Juicier utilizes the one and only PERK from HydraFacial USA to ensure maximal exfoliation of the black-ish area of the outer lips, uncovering your brightest shade of pink. With the help of IPL and high-frequency, low-level laser, Juicer will leave your lips better than ever. The treatment includes a month’s supply of natural exfoliator and moisturizer for you to take home, to keep your lips changing for the better.


Frequency 1 month

Skin repair ●●
Rejuvenate ●●
Exfoliate/ detox 
Nourish ●●

1 session
3 sessions
7,900 THB 21,900 THB


Post treatment care:

  • Perks Lip Revitalizing serum