Fountain of Youth

*ผลลัพธ์ที่ได้อาจแตกต่างกันขึ้นอยู่กับสภาพผิว และสภาพร่างกายของแต่ละบุคคล

Full detox and rejuvenate experience.


The ultimate skin solution, fully restores balance to your skin.

With HydraFacial technology, certified by the USFDA that can effectively remove dirts, pollution, PM 2.5, makeup residue, excess sebum as well as cleanse and tighten the pores, leaving glowing smooth skin which is ready to be revitalized and restored. Hence, reduces uneven skin tone and wrinkles. In addition, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) helps kill germs in the pores and restore collagen production which result in more youthful skin.

'Fountain of Youth is a Full Detox and Rejuvenating treatment inside and out.'


Deeply exfoliates dead skin cells, but gently with Vortex Fusion technology that are packed with skin nutrients. The treatment has 3 different tips that are varies in size and solution for different functions. 

  • Cleanse & Peel (Blue Tip) Deeply cleanses and exfoliates dead skin cells with a gentle peel to unveil a new layer of skin with Glycolic Acid and Glucosamine.
  • Extract & Hydrate (Teal Tip) A painless gentle suction to remove impurities from the pores including stubborn blackheads and excess sebum on your face with Salicylic Acid and BHA.
  • Fuse & Protect (Clear Tip) Pushing nutrients into the skin using Vortex Fusion technology which is rich in antioxidants and intense moisturisers such as Retinol, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and various natural extracts.


Eliminate waste in the skin with Lymphatic Drainage. Another crucial step from the HydraFacial machine is to use a vacuum glass tube to stimulate the lymph nodes and encourage movement of lymph fluid to getting rid of toxin and let your skin shine bright from within.

Moreover, there are Detox Drinks to help cleanse your digestive system which give you a more healthy skin, both from inside and out.


Why Fountain of Youth? : 

  • Normally our skin sheds dead cells every 28 days, but with the factors of aging, pollution and urban lifestyle makes the life cycle of skin cells incomplete. The accumulation of dead skin cells causes acne, wrinkles and dark spots. HydraFacial is a technology that uses Vortex Fusion technology combines with a solution specifically designed to allow our skin cells to fully exfoliated naturally. Hence, your skin is rejuvenated and looking brighter and more youthful.
  • HydraFacial uses Vortex Fusion technology to gently vacuum and remove impurities from the pores and all over the face. A combination of chemical peeling and physical peeling comes together in an efficient and gentle solution.
  • Regulates the skin cells cycle, reduces acne and removes excess sebum on the face.
  • Do this treatment only once a month.
  • The efficiency is equivalent to a laser treatment, but with no downtime. You can go out in the sun, put on makeup, and continue your day - business as usual.
  • One of a kind experience, a complete experience in every sense, only at Wild Clinic.









Immediate results
Long lasting results
No downtime

Frequency 4 weeks

Skin repair ●●
Rejuvenate ●●
Anti-inflammatory ●●
Glow ●●
Exfoliate/Detox ●●
Nourish ●●


1 session 3 sessions 6 sessions
12,500 THB 32,250 THB 56,250 THB

Supernatural treats:

  • Depollution Centella Face Wash
  • Yuzu Vit C Serum
  • Hemp Seed with 0.5% Retinol Oil
  • Damascus Rose Face Mist


Post treatment care:

  • Volumic Hydrating HA 5 ml
  • Galactomyces Filtrate 2 ml