NAD+: Youth Tonic

The drip that makes history as the most popular anti-aging drip in the USA especially among Beverly Hill residents. (As seen on the Kardashians, the Kendall Jenner drip.) 

What is NAD+ ?

  • NAD+ is co-enzyme naturally found in our body that prevents DNA and cellular damage, it helps regulate DNA repairs within every cell of our body, which protects our neuro system including the brain, our emotion , memory, cognitive ability, and the energy.
  • It actually increases the length of telomere, which is our cell’s life span, proven to be a major anti-aging factor.
  • NAD+ decreases with age ( NAD+ of 50 years old is about half of those 20 years old.) It could be reason why you were more energetic at young age.

Major Benefits

  • Anti-aging and lengthen cellular life span.
  • Powering Metabolism and restoring youth energy the very treatment for chronic fatigue patient, or even with patients who want to lose some weight.
  • Neuro protection: improving memory, mental clarity, and cognitive ability. Protect and prevent Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Narcotics detox, craving alleviation, and pain relief.
  • Improve vessels elasticity which is the cause of hypertension, atherosclerosis, or even heart diseases.

Recommended dosage

  • Anti-aging 250 mg 4 times once a week then once a month.
  • Neuro rejuvenation 500 mg 4 times once a week then once a month.
  • Strong Boost 500 mg as needed every 1-2 months.

* Estimated time of intravenous NAD+ delivery 1.5 - 2 hours

250 mg
1 session
3 sessions
5 sessions
12,000 THB
34,500 THB
 55,000 THB
10 sessions
25 sessions
100,000 THB
200,000 THB


100 mg
1 session
3 sessions
5 sessions
5,900 THB
17,500 THB
 28,000 THB