Skin High Gloss

The treatment that left your skin bright, smooth, juicy, and glossy.

Fountain of Youth

Full detox and rejuvenate experience.


Not only glow but also LIFT!


The vaginal rejuvenation treatment.


Wild Clinic X More Than Surface


This will hyper-oxygenize and supa-hydrate your skin to stop the rash and kill the germs residing.

Porcelain Skin 💉

The new era of healthy juicy skin has arrived!

Eyevolution 💉

Tighten up the spaces around your eyes with HIFU.

Color Tuning + NAD+💉

Go further with the evolutionary help of NAD+

Rejuran 💉

Rejuran is here! and it’s here for nourished, brightened, glossy, and glowing skin!

Sparkling Skin

Introducing Sparkling Skin by BLACK MAGIC LASER from the US to South Korea and now Wild Clinic.

Bright Flash Laser

Bright Flash Laser is a cutting-edge, multi-technology, 3-laser type approach that LASERS away any unwanted dark lesions on your body.

Glass Glow

True to the treatment’s name, your face will be glowing like clear glass in no time.

Skin Oasis 💉

Add HA (Hyaluronic Acid) for ULTRA facial hydration performance.

Skin defense + NAD💉

Here it come, the revolutionary army to end the wars on acne.

R.I.P. Pimples

The last acne treatment you will ever need.


Declutter your pores from all that’s terrorizing your face!

Acne Gone

Get that zit out of my face!

Skin Defense 💉

Win the battle against acne with Targeted Therapy!

Skin Infusion

Treat your skin to a feast of nutritions.

Skin Retouch

No app needed for skin retouching.

TTYN (Talk to You Never)

Permanently remove moles, freckles, and seborrheic keratosis with a 1 month satisfaction guarantee (1 time).

Ultherapy New Version

Ultherapy treats lax facial skin, ill-defined jawlines, submental fat, droopy eye brows, wrinkles and facelift!


Utilizing Volumetric Heating, a revolutionary medical technology to restore, tighten and lift the skin.

Lifting Ultimatum

Painless lifting with 350 shots of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).

Skin Tight Therapy

Tighten up every single facial layer from surface, fat, and muscle and all the way to SMAS with 120 HIFU shots!

Facial Pilates with Rice Essence

A dedicated gym for your face.

Fat Melt 💉

Shake off that excess fat!

Honey, It's Sexy Back

Exfoliate your entire back for the smoothest and sexiest back that anyone will ever see.


It's time to transform your dense forest into a soft and smooth land with a USFDA-approved laser!

Shape Shifter Program

Body Hifu 500 shots!

Body Tight

Body Tight will smooth out and thin down the fat—even on your first try!

Chakra Lumina

A new, profoundly calm treatment, that brings you on a journey from within your soul!

Life Syndrome

Treatment carried out by physical therapists.


Lift up your face and mood with premium medical rose threads.

USFDA Approved Dermal Filler 💉

Facial Design with an Emotional Approach

Secret Facelift 💉

Secret Facelift is now our "it" treatment for jawlines definition.

Dr. Myers' Secret to Longevity

Experience the medical innovation created by the great mind of Dr. John Myers!

Sunrise by the "C"

Rise and shine with 10,000 mg of Vitamin C.

Marie Antoinette's Skin Glower

Elite white skin with a ravishing pink glow.

Like a Virgin

Treat yourself with gentle detoxification, revive with hydration and get ready for more parties!

Life on Mars

All 13 essential vitamins in one treatment for life-saving, anti-aging and neutralize acidity of the blood circulation.

NAD+: Youth Tonic

The most popular anti-aging drip in the USA especially among Beverly Hill residents.