Wild Clinic X More Than Surface

A collaboration from Wild Clinic and More Than Surface, GLAM-MORE-ROUS is the multi-layered, 33 step skin nourishing treatment to make your skin seamless in 60 minutes.

First, we clear surface impurities with HydraFacial Technology, followed by our 33 step, layer-by-layer facial massage of 6 essential nutrients to bring your skin to life.

Then, we increase dermal uptake of nutrients with glass vacuuming—fueled by our famously glowing "Wild Cactus Face Oil".

To top it off, we introduce you to the latest technology at Wild Clinic, " Wild Plasma", that not only tightens your pores instantly, but also leaves you with that OMG! sensation from the moment you see the results. And before you think the best is done, we finish with "Wild Cloud" to crystalize the nutrients and keep them deep within your skin for a glorious glow that lasts longer than ever.


Frequency 1 week

Skin repair ●●
Rejuvenate ●●
Glow ●●
Nourish ●●

1 session 5 sessions 10 sessions
3,900 THB
18,500 THB
34,000 THB


Supernatural treats:

  • Depollution Centella Face Wash
  • Wild Cactus Face Oil
  • Yuzu Vit C Serum
  • Hemp Seed with 0.5% Retinol Oil
  • Avocado Peptide Cream
  • Centella Essence
  • Thanaka with Niacinamide and Zinc Mask
  • Dragon Blood with 3% Transamin Serum
  • Damascus Rose Face Mist

Post treatment care:

  • Volumic Hydrating HA 5 ml