Deep relaxation, cure of insomnia, reduction of muscle pain all over the body and a great treatment for skin, those are the benefits of floating in the deep sea of unwinding tranquility.

The water contains 600 kilograms of Magnesium salt that levitates you into the state of zero gravity. In that state the muscles would ease at its best, relieving you from soreness. It also boost the quality of sleep.

The water temperature is steadily set at 34.5° C which is best for deepest relaxation. Your body and mind will be united with the water and create profound meditation and calmness. Magnesium also helps cleansing the skin, acting as skin treatment, promoting cure of acne and wounds.

Embrace the same tranquil sensation you get after blissful getaways.



  • Deep relaxation
  • Cure for insomnia
  • Easing jet-lagging
  • Relieving muscles aches as well as other body pains like sprains
  • Excellent skin treatment
  • Cleansing of undesirable acnes or skin inflammation
  • Healing for wounds
  • Superb meditation and composure of the mind


1 session 4 sessions
60 mins 2,800 THB 9,900 THB
90 mins
3,500 THB
11,900 THB
Super Chill Package
20 hours
30 hours
39,200 THB 49,900 THB
Hot Vacation Package
1 year *sharable Once a week = 52 times (Maximum 2 hours/time)
150,000 THB


* Exclusively at Sukhumvit 49