Rejuran 💉

Rejuran is here! and it’s here for nourished, brightened, glossy, and glowing skin!

The highly-dubbed Rejuran is now approved by Thai FDA for overall damaged skin rejuvenation. This skin-ready injectable contains highly biocompatible DNA fragments to boost human collagen and elastin in dermal layers, which gives glossy and glowing skin appearance like never before.

With extra special technique only at Wild Clinic and Natural Treat, we also perform Low-level Laser Therapy right after the procedure to diminish swelling and let the Rejuran infiltrates as many cells as possible.

One syringe of Rejuran contains 2 cc. The efficacy of the treatment should last around 4-6 months. We encourage a program of 3-4 sessions 2-4 weeks apart for maximal skin benefits that should last up to 12 months.


Frequency 3-4 sessions, 2-4 weeks apart

Strengthen skin 

2 cc
13,000 THB