Boys and girls, if you succumb to the war of rash on your skin. This will be it. This treatment will not only calm your surface, but also immerse your facial skin in the mist of cold Damascus Rose water. This will hyper-oxygenize and super-hydrate your skin to stop the rash and kill the germs residing.

Then, comes Wild Arctic Globe, the tool that utilizes below-freezing temperature with pure Hyaluronic acid to seal the hydration and rejuvenation your skin deserve.

Moreover, you will be put under the Low Level Laser Therapy with active Ceramide for 20 mins to maximize the healing and collagen-producing process.

Last, Wild Cloud, nitrogen cooling technique exclusively on at Wild Clinic, will add the finishing touch to ensure hydration and put the rash away for good!


Frequency 1 week

Skin repair ●●
Glow ●●
Nourish ●●

1 session
5 sessions
10 sessions
3,700 THB
17,500 THB
32,000 THB


Supernatural treats:

  • Depollution Centella Face Wash
  • Damascus Rose Water
  • Avocado Peptide Cream
  • Centella Essense
  • Damascus Rose Face Mist

Post treatment care:

  • Volumic Hydrating HA 5 ml