Chakra Lumina

A new, profoundly calm treatment, that brings you on a journey from within your soul, balances your chakra, and also soothes your senses of smelling, hearing as well as balances awareness of the mind and body.

Chakra Lumina lets you experience the power of sound therapy from a medical tuning fork that resonates frequencies of the brain’s wave length, releases thoughts, heals the mind, and re-calibrates the body for improving focus, strength, and well-being.

By incorporating medical science technology “Lymphatic Drainage from HydraFacial” helps flush the lymphatic system – the waste and toxins of your skin – while the concentrated hyaluronic acid from Hydrogel enriches every layer of your skin.

This also includes over 10 steps of specialized massages designed for relieving head and neck pain.

Experience the modified ancient ritual with the use of energy-filled gemstones which radiates positive energy for a good Feng Shui of your mind.

You can choose any of the 3 forms of gemstones

  • Chakra Lumina - Calm : for the tranquility of your emotions, mind, and brain.
  • Chakra Lumina - Power : for embraces positive energy.
  • Chakra Lumina - Love : for rebalancing the love life to equilibrium.


1 session
5 sessions
10 sessions
4,400 THB
22,000 THB
39,000 THB