Life Syndrome

We know life is tough! It's not only the stress of work that causes muscle tension, but other things in your daily life like exercise, transport, traffic and long commutes.

Wild Clinic has the way out for you! This healing ritual relaxes your body and mind by stimulating all 5 senses with advanced innovations and a touch of wildness.

The first step to relaxation is through aromatic fragrance, to let you forget the bustling world outside. Then, the soothing taste of organic herbal tea helps adjust the body temperature and relax your mind.

The healing ritual continues with tackling the cause of muscle tension, using heat from a warm organic beeswax blanket to relax the muscles. Then, treat specific muscle pain with Ultrasound Knot Spot, an ultrasound wave massage to relax deep muscles. Complete the treatment with Electric Muscle Release, which sends electrical currents through the skin to relax the muscles at the accurate point.

* Treatment carried out by physical therapists


1 session
5 sessions
10 sessions
4,500 THB
18,000 THB
33,000 THB
15 session
20 sessions
45,000 THB
54,000 THB
* Exclusively at Sukhumvit 49