Skin Infusion

Treat your skin to a feast of nutritions. SkinInfusion is the infusion of different Skin Nutrients Mist, regarding to your each problems. It's hard to believe that with this wallet-friendly price, you're getting the latest technology delivered straight from the UK!


1 formula 2 formulas 3 formulas 5 formulas
1 session 1,900 THB
2,400 THB
2,800 THB
3,500 THB
5 sessions 8,900 THB
10,900 THB
12,900 THB
15,900 THB
10 sessions 16,900 THB
19,900 THB
21,900 THB
24,900 THB


  • Acne Call-to-Action

It's about time you and your never- ending acne problems go your separate ways. With the help of Nutrients Mist, packed with vitamin C and zinc, you'll get over acne with no heartache.

  • Don't Blamish on Me!!

Photoshop? Never heard of it. Who needs it when you have Nutrients Mist to help clear your skin, get rid of dark spots, and brighten your pretty face with Transamin and Glutathione imported from Korea.

  • Urgent Energizing

Add a sugar boost to your sleepless skin with energizing Nutrients Mist— packed with superfoods like magnesium and glucose for healthy, glowing skin.

  • Forever Young

Let's cheat the clock and keep your skin forever young with Nutrients Mist. Just spray your face with our anti-aging secret potion, made from rice essence and rose petal.

  • It's Im(PORE)tant!!

Wanna get rid of your POREblem? This Nutrient Mist harnesses the magical power of witch hazel extract and vitamin B12 to make your pores disappear in a whoosh!