R.I.P. Pimples

The last acne treatment you will ever need.

This is going the be the first time you will happily be saying Rest In Peace, seriously. The treatment is focused on the very etiology of acne according to modern dermatology. This is why Wild Clinic utilizes the power of continuous mono-polar RF, from the newest USFDA-approved Exilis machine, to dramatically slow down the oil production in the skin. Then comes our hero, Hydrafacial, to normalize and clean the epidermis to make sure prevent those nasty pimples from popping up in the near future. And don't worry, the bad guys, C. acnes, will surely be taken care of by the essence of Centella asiatica that is sustained-released into the skin by the biocellulose mask. Finally, the light of Low Level Laser is on to euthanize any inflammations left to make sure the acnes never get a second chance in life. Rest in Peace pimples. Bye girl byeeee.


Frequency 1 week

Skin repair 
Anti-inflammatory ●●
Exfoliate/ detox ●●


6,900 THB/ 1 session
25,900 THB/ 4 sessions
48,900 THB/ 10 sessions